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Review Date: February 19, 2020 04:36:45

I’ve been with since May 2017 - ICO phase. Back then they were called “Monaco”. They have managed to adapt to many challenging situations related to compliance, etc. The are now live with their Visa Debit cards in the U.S. and Singapore. Europe is next and is said to be imminent. You can buy 61 different coins/tokens via fiat and other crypto. You can also earn interest from many tokens. New rates from 20th, Feb 2020 - up to 5.5% BTC, 4% ETH, LTC & XRP, 18% CRO, 6% EOS. All stable coins on offer are at 12%. You can get instant loans with crypto collateral from 8-12% depending on whether you have the correct amount of MCO “staked”. Different debit card tiers are available with different levels of staking. The more you stake in MCO the more perks your card will have. Cash back on purchases paid to you in MCO. Netflix and Spotify subscriptions which they refund up to a certain amount. Airport lounge access and AirBNB too. You can invest your crypto in their portfolios. Earn rewards on referrals and cash back. $50 (paid in MCO) for every referral for BOTH parties. They have also just opened their own exchange and are promoting it with 25-50% discounted tokens. EOS, XLM, BTC have finished with ATOM recently closing. All in all it’s a great site with a now slicker app. It takes a bit of getting used to but for someone starting out, it’s quite easy and feels safe. As we all know, “not your keys not your crypto”... They are addressing this too! One day you’ll have the keys but can still use their site. I wouldn’t put everything into it but that’s goes for ANY company not just Communications is first class through most social media platforms and email. You also get push notifications when you score a referral, which is a first for me. Track record is good but I’m still waiting for my card from 2 years ago. It’s crypto and has to be done right! I’m patient so you should be too.


Review Date: September 13, 2019 04:48:30

Eth in my opinion is a must in any portfolio. They are very active and many clever heads work on the platform. Eth 2.0 is in the pipeline which will make it have super powers compared to what it already does in the Defi scene. Soon it will move to POS and there will be a massive scramble by people and hopefully institutions to hold the necessary 32 Eth to become a validator. Eth never stands still and is supported by many developers. I’ve been with it since about $3.


Review Date: September 13, 2019 04:35:27

Nexo have progressed rapidly since ICO. They now provide many loans on crypto collateral. They also pay dividends on NEXO held in your account as well as a loyalty dividend as well (advanced verification needed for dividends). I have taken out one loan already and paid it back on my own terms and time span. Loans can be paid in Fiat directly to your fair account within a few hours if not less. Definitely worth looking into. With NEXO you are in control but they hold your crypto... so beware. They are insured against hacking too.


Review Date: September 30, 2019 16:28:29

MCO (formerly Monaco) now is really starting to move. They are now live in the USA in 38 states. Europe to follow shortly. You can buy roughly 50 currencies with fiat. And earn on your deposits. Staking MCO & CRO also earns CRYPTO. You can also earn bitcoin by locking it up as flexible, 1 month, 3 months. Each with a different interest rate. The App is super slick and not daunting to beginners either. Definitely one to watch and will be big. They currently have 170 people working for them.... so it’s got big ambitions.

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