FujiCoin (FJC)

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FujiCoin (FJC) is a cryptocurrency. Users are able to generate FJC through the process of mining   
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avatar CryptoInsider 2 rated:

CryptoInsider posted on June 10, 2019 20:20:08

So I've been experimenting with, mining and using Fujicoin for a couple of years now. All I can say is that this is genuinely one of the top altcoins out there. The lead developer is exceptionally dedicated to this project and publishes updates both punctually and transparently. Every time there has been an security update to Litecoin or Bitcoin for example, the patches are replicated in Fujicoin

avatar geneclash 2 rated:

geneclash posted on June 09, 2019 21:26:51

Agree with Fiat Daily's comments. Github is active. More paperwork (whitepaper/onepaper) and updates (road-map/social/awareness) would really help.

Currency wise Tx is very quick

avatar motty 2 rated:

motty posted on June 07, 2019 18:17:18

Website: ★★★★: Old-style but full-featured and constantly maintained.
--> https://www.fujicoin.org/
Wallet: ★★★★★: Full lineup. Core, Electrum, Coinomi, Web-wallet, TREZOR, Paper-wallet.
--> https://www.fujicoin.org/wallet.php
Exchange: ★★★: 4 Exchange, 2 DEX
--> https://www.fujicoin.org/buy-fujicoin.php
White paper: ★★★★★:

avatar Not the real Fiat Daily 133 rated:

Not the real Fiat Daily posted on May 31, 2019 13:54:47

I am sort of 50/50 on this coin tbh. And I have some pros and cons. Let's start with the positive
- pro active team and a lot more contributions on github than most other dead coins/scams listed on this website. (only quantity not necessarily quality of commits)
- Coin exists 5 years and is still operational, which at the very least gives it some credibility and track record, infinitely

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