RxSmartCoffee (RXSC)

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Ecommerce company designed with a goal to become the market leader in internet sales of various coffee products
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avatar CryptoPetey 3 rated:

CryptoPetey posted on March 13, 2019 17:06:42

I have been involved personally with the Rx Smart Coffee company for some time, and I have witnessed first hand the evolution of this company. If you don't have a trust for multi-level marketing plans and network marketing, then feel free to put your trust in vertically integrated corporations - ie. go be an employee somewhere, however for me, I have been able to build a sales team and have been able

As far as the cryptocurrency - I'll say for one, Rx Smart Coffee is a REAL company, they (and I) sell a real product that I can bear witness to, that really does help people, and THAT is irrefutable based off of the people's testimonials who actually consume it. The fact that the cryptocurrency is backed by a company with real associates that you can talk to should allow a skeptic to trust - this coffee and this company are not going to disappear. I do agree that there could have been a better token creation, instead of utilizing Waves platform. To my understanding, the coin was to serve as more than just a utility, and at some point there is going to be a token that will reflect the value of the company in the way that a stock does, and that's something I look forward to hodling, but the ICO made no mention of that. For now, much of this company and coin is in its infancy, and time will reveal.

avatar Crypto Anonymous 224 rated:

Crypto Anonymous posted on March 12, 2019 02:03:58

Huge red flag: this project smells like a pyramid scheme. It has already some of the tell tale signs on the website, where special cure all health benefits are assigned to the coffee products they sell in combination with video testimonials of people who suffered from all kinds of health issues that disappeared thanks to this coffee. This is template MLM offering. And a quick google search brings you

Now this in and out itself has nothing to do with crypto or blockchain, but they have added it to their existing program apparently somehow. ICO gave you the RXSC token issued on waves platform (one of the easiest and cheapest platforms to issue tokens on) and the token according to the whitepaper has no single other purpose than a payments token that bitcoin, waves, ethereum could do just as well. The whitepaper also mentions another Dibcoin for which even less explanation is provided. Seems nothing more than a marketing gimmick and moneygrab by this company. 

As with every MLM associated projects: this is no-go area and this non blockchain/crypto project that quite certainly doesn't even have any significant industry know how, would be safer to be avoided. You will not get rich quick, rather broke even faster!

avatar Jason T. 111 rated:

Jason T. posted on March 12, 2019 01:25:46

Hmm, I don't think the founders of this are intentionally trying to scam people (they might be though, who knows), but this project has all sorts of problems in my book. They are an ICO and only raised $50k. Their tokens is based on WAVES and is supposed to represent the company's assets (any legal backing or proof of this?). Straight from their site - which btw looks like it hasn't been updated since

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