Waytom (WTM)

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Waytom was created with the aim of making entrepreneurial ideas a reality through a decentralized network and the participation of the community.    
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avatar j_alejandro01 6 rated:

j_alejandro01 posted on November 13, 2019 16:08:30

Waytom is a great project that helps entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams and investors capture projects that need to be discovered around the world. In the market, they are innovative with the "safe stop band", which allows safer investments in such a volatile market.

avatar ingfernandeza 6 rated:

ingfernandeza posted on November 12, 2019 23:46:29

Waytom is the best project and platform that has been presented this year, offering true value to society and a community of entrepreneurs who are eager to make their dreams come true. Waytom came to stay a long time...

avatar raiyack 6 rated:

raiyack posted on November 12, 2019 23:45:46

Very interesting project, it is structured with an original purpose that allows you to help others develop their ideas while you mint. Very altruistic. As a large fan of society benefitting concepts, I recommend this project since I think it is novel with a promising future.

avatar ghezat 13 rated:

ghezat posted on November 12, 2019 12:24:18

I am the intellectual creator of Waytom Project and the administrator of the Waytom asset. It is a product of extensive research. We have created this blockchain cryptoasset, developed by EDC. We have all the support of them and with more than 1.2 million nodes across the globe. Our asset uses a PoS mining protocol in the wallet at a rate of 0.45% daily compound interest with a maturity of 30 days.

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