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Geminian of mundane nationality and placid character. My world is marked in this era. I am a direct activist of the new world of finance and her first actor. I am the CEO and founder of Waytom Project.

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Review Date: November 13, 2019 16:09:56

Ripple is a cryptoasset with financial muscle. Created at the beginning of all this stir. No doubt composed of people who had an experience and a clearer vision than the rest. They created an asset from both worlds. It is the fusion between centralization and decentralization. Currently, many financial industry firms support it and it has a huge market capitalization. Its real use is more for banking corporations, but if the bank disappears, Ripple would lose its weight. For the rest, it only serves to send remittances to other countries and international trade. For long-term investments, care must be taken. This is a company and if it were to be compromised, these assets would disappear, monetarily speaking. Not all cryptos should look alike. So for better or worse, it is an important icon in the crypto industry.


Review Date: November 13, 2019 16:07:59

Dentacoin is known as the pope of the living shitcoin. A cryptoasset with no real purpose other than to achieve capitalization at the expense of novice investors. To put a penny here is to put it in the trash. A team that only started this project to manage it and place it in exchanges and in the media. A team without real content. They have nothing to offer and this is a sample of what happens to projects without purpose and without content. An asset available on 8 exchanges... valgame dios.


Review Date: November 13, 2019 16:06:36

DASH is a giant without legs. A project with a lot of marketing power. It has no differentiating purpose than the majority of coins out there - the famous "to pay for goods and services". They finance projects that benefit their own project. But they don't improve anything else externally. An immense mass of capital that only stays in the same place. In South America, flocks of promoters go from commerce to commerce, promoting and paying even thousands of dollars to accept DASH in their businesses. I ask you to consider, an asset created with a true seed, with a strong incentive structure, would this be done? The answer is no. I have not yet seen someone offer money to accept bitcoin. In fact, in my opinion, DASH' methods are unethical. It is a cryptoasset managed by people who only want the world to talk about DASH. In the end it is only one more asset to the fire of volatility. It is not responsible to recommend merchants to use such coins. They only rely on high liquidity. I've seen markets with more years and much bigger market cap collapse in seconds. In this industry the elliptical algorithm of birth, development, and death is based on purpose. If this is not achieved, the asset is destined to die. On the other hand it is full of very capable and committed people since they have managed to make this project an icon.


Review Date: November 12, 2019 12:24:18

I am the intellectual creator of Waytom Project and the administrator of the Waytom asset. It is a product of extensive research. We have created this blockchain cryptoasset, developed by EDC. We have all the support of them and with more than 1.2 million nodes across the globe. Our asset uses a PoS mining protocol in the wallet at a rate of 0.45% daily compound interest with a maturity of 30 days. The Waytom Project has created an entire ecosystem to house millions of users around the world. It consists of 4 axes: Wallet node, VPS-Miner, Nautilus wex and the WAYS. All except the node wallet has been designed and developed by our team of professionals and is the first asset in the world registered with these characteristics and qualities. It is a stablecoin of bitcoin with market rank. Achieved with a mathematical algorithm called a secure stock market by its acronym in SSB, currently this protocol works in our Exchange Fiat Nautilus wex. The VPS-miner is an automatic service that allows you to mine with the greatest security and without using energy load. Mining occurs using two large servers hosted in Europe and the USA. And the WAYS is our own social network that is under design. It will be monetized in our currency. Here entrepreneurs and investors will converge. The development of Waytom as an asset has demanded a lot of work. The idea has been based on managing to deal with volatility and giving it a real purpose for everyday use. Uniting abundance with the need or lack of something. Everyone can mine even without a penny. In Waytom the airdrop never ends. But the emission is controlled since it only happens once per person. When you register and achieve your KYC. As founder and CEO of this project I do not allow myself to judge it as an asset since I will expose its entire positive profile. This is more of the community that uses it and can issue a critical comment on this unique project that I hope will be known. Greetings to all and thanks for reading. You are welcome to Waytom wtm of Waytom Project.

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