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somedude posted on August 26, 2020 13:09:11

The only thing about this exchange that is nice is that it's US based and complies with regulations. It's easier to onboard people to crypto through Coinbase, but holy shit they suck. They hold your funds WAY longer than necessary. It always crashes. and good fucking luck getting ahold of anyone that can actually help you. No phone number to call. Days to wait for ticket responses that are

avatar bullish 68

bullish posted on January 09, 2020 14:27:08

Big fan of Coinbase and a long time user. I think they are the best exchange in the world in terms of security practices and user experience. They've never been hacked and I'd bet my money that they wont be for a long long time (wouldn't hold my breath for it).

I miss the old days of GDAX though. Even though it would crash under times of heavy usage, it was still easy t

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