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[SCAM] Store your cryptocurrency securely and increase its value 

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avatar cryptomole 2782

cryptomole posted on April 23, 2020 02:51:07

I came across this project just a few days ago and I was pretty curious to learn more about it.

At first sight, the website looked pretty appealing, I have to say. Out of pure curiosity, I decided to register my account and see what StakedWallet has to offer. I verified my email address and logged in. When it comes to the content of the website, there was no team section, no KYC/AML


mistergrin posted on April 22, 2020 20:29:31

SCAM ALERT! Not to mention their website is inaccessible currently to me (exit scam already?). But they promise 1% or so profit per day from staking using their wallet. They say they work based on "Proof of Stake" but they let you deposit Bitcoin and other Proof of Work coins.

Originally I was like ok they lend out the "staked" coins at high interest and give the Yie

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