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HEX is the most brilliant cryptocurrency ever devised that effectively and cleverly monetizes humanity's most precious limited resource, time. The founder of Hex, Richard Heart, is a gifted genius that has created a truly exceptional product, what is called a time-deposit, the most important application in all of crypto's decentralized finance, just as the most important financial product at any bank is a certificate of deposit, or time deposit, essentially locking up capital for a certain amount of time and earning interest. Hex is crypto 2.0. There are no middlemen involved, no admins keys, no counterparty risk. It is more secure than bitcoin itself. Hex is truly decentralized, audited 3x, economics and security wise. It is very important to understand how the shares work. Read my article here to gain further insight on how to properly utilize Hex to fashion for yourself a perpetual passive income device through the creation of staking ladders, similar to how your grandparents created CD ladders to live off the interest.

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