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Hey guys, I am with Novachain since December 2017, they are the only project from my entire portfolio of ICOs (more than 70), that despite the fact they did not raise even 1 million USD, they survived the bear market, they did not scam as the others did, they continually followed the market and upgraded their portfolio of products, they delivered on all of their promises, they followed their roadmap and THEY ARE STILL PAYING an average profit of 10-25% monthly after almost one year of functioning. At this moment they still have some fees for protecting the price but they just launched the token on P2PB2B external exchange tonight and there are no more sell limits. The new T-REX automatic trading HFT bot on Binance is public tested at this moment and will add more utility to the NOVA token. The team is still private until they will be fully compliant with international crypto regulations, but I prefer an unknown team that delivers on their promises than a known team that bankrupt a project due to bad managing. I have made more than 50X profit on my overall investment (ICO purchase and dip buying on exchange, from 0.002 USD to 1.75$) and withdrew more than 20.000 USD until now to cover my monthly expenses. If you know another investment that is so successful, please feel free to comment.

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