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I'm a HEXican from the HEXiverse, I'm just like you except I'm a being made of HEXes, my cells and even my molecules are HEX shaped. There's also a universe on a Cobb, but it's very weird, you wouldn't like it.

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Review Date: August 26, 2020 21:55:24

Everything in the project is open and available for everyone to know. The chain is completely public and open for anyone to analyze. Everyone has been honest, radically honest actually, the devs are in the chat everyday, constantly building things. In fact, the HEX devs built a bunch of DeFi infrastructure and no one gave a shit. It's amazing, some of the HEX deva literally built parts of the DeFi infrastructure that DeFi RUNS ON, but people ignore HEX? It's so strange. Anyways, Richard Heart is the Trump of crypto. No one could believe it when Trump said he's going to win, and no one believes Richard when he says HEX is going to Moon. Well guess where Vitalik got the idea for Staking and Coin burning from? Richard Heart is deeper inside the Crypto Community than anyone fucking knows. He's been in crypto since BTC was $20 and then dropped to pennies. HEX is a powerful project. Get on board with at least $1k, you'll thank me later.

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