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Review Date: January 01, 2020 13:07:10

Lympo - earn crypto through fitness! Well let’s start by saying the concept around getting people more active by offering a solid incentive is great. Working for a health service org, I know how much cost from government spending goes into weight related illness, typically more than cancer research, which is a shocking statistic! Bringing a concept to the market like this, where people get digital currency incentive with a value for exercise is genius, and whilst it won’t stop other underlying health issues, it could reduce significantly a number of future cases. The app works well and doesn’t drain battery usage like other non-crypto competitors. Interesting challenges that you can perform in group leaderboards as well as single targets to receive rewards. Great for the competitive person. I wish all the best for this project and the team into 2020 and hope it can be globally available soon. Five stars from me.


Review Date: October 03, 2019 09:48:02

Note Blockchain has developed a very good base to succeed, the team is refreshing, very welcoming, and helpful. Really excited for this project and how it develops!

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