NoteBlockchain (NTBC)

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No more awkwardly waiting for someone to set up a wallet before you can send them crypto.  
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avatar jfkntl 2 rated:

jfkntl posted on September 26, 2020 03:56:40

One of the future social apps that I expect to grow in the future. Easy to use. And easy to tip someone in the apps.

earn 150.00 Notes on your signup!

avatar @His_uniqueness 2 rated:

@His_uniqueness posted on July 06, 2020 05:47:26

I simply love the smooth nature of the note app. It's perfect. I think it is going to be a Facebook contender in some few years to come. The app is simplistic and not too much data bound. Unlike Facebook, you can toggle between allowing sensitive content or not.

avatar Bookman 2 rated:

Bookman posted on April 07, 2020 13:33:58

Been slumming in the Note community now for maybe 6 weeks - lots of degens + fun memes. Team has been responsive and productive and I look forward to future iterations of their product.

avatar bimagets 2 rated:

bimagets posted on April 07, 2020 13:33:22

Great devs, supportive community, and useful apps. This altcoin is more useful and has better future prospects than most others. Let's join together to earn more coins on Twitter and in their Discord!

avatar jchains 2 rated:

jchains posted on March 03, 2020 15:38:15

I’m a big fan of the Note Blockchain app. They have made using crypto so easy, your grandma can use it, plus the social media aspect is awesome. It’s a great way to engage friends and tip based on great content. Congrats to the team for bringing this to market!

avatar moneymaker47327 4 rated:

moneymaker47327 posted on February 20, 2020 12:44:39

In my opinion, I feel that the Notes platform is an awesome project due to the simple reason it can be used worldwide on your mobile phone.

The app works extremely fast. No bugs or hassles. Takes up very little memory on your smartphone.

avatar Firmansyah 2 rated:

Firmansyah posted on January 20, 2020 00:10:17

I think this is a good project for the future because the app very simple to use for receiving or sending crypto. For the future, NTBC can be used for simple payments, anywhere in any country, because it only requires our smartphones to pay with barcode scan feature.

avatar CryptoRizwan 2 rated:

CryptoRizwan posted on December 05, 2019 00:35:49

The Note app works very fast, I have been using it for a very long time. Never had any bugs or issues, everything works fine. It does not need that much space on my phone either. Keep working hard, guys!

avatar vinod19966 2 rated:

vinod19966 posted on November 01, 2019 11:26:44

Good value in future, I feel lucky to be a part of the note blockchain community. Already downloaded application, friendly admins and team members, good support in Discord and Telegram, amazing project all around.

avatar Chriss 27 rated:

Chriss posted on October 26, 2019 12:27:22

Really nice project, nice atmosphere, friendly people, I hope only the best for Note Blockchain.
I was recommended by an existing member to join this project, and I will recommend it by myself too.

avatar amazu 2 rated:

amazu posted on October 19, 2019 07:54:39

Note Blockchain was my first crypto coin that i got in the beginning of 2019. A few days after they launch the mobile apps, i downloaded but i still dont know how to use it. So i learn how to get some Notes by minting it at After that i joined the discord server in the February 2019 and begin to scanning Notes in there. I was happy because i got a lot Notes from discord by

avatar tahirag 4 rated:

tahirag posted on October 19, 2019 04:37:08

All NTBC team very positive dealing, simple easy blockchain with super technology and trading in exchanges,
I hope NTBC make good value. Because wallet security is very important in blockchain, it have all security method.

avatar Reddy 2 rated:

Reddy posted on October 16, 2019 15:29:05

Im initial miner and investor of Note, like the mobile apps, very simple to use and send and receive their coin NTBC, the team are ultra friendly and even make things fun in their telegram group with airdrops/ games and quizzes. its what the whole Crypto environment needs a bit of fun and ease of use

avatar bedazzled 3 rated:

bedazzled posted on October 16, 2019 10:28:30

Im a miner and investor of Note, like the mobile apps, very simple to use and send and receive their coin NTBC, the team are ultra friendly and even make things fun in their telegram group with airdrops/ games and quizzes. its what the whole Crypto environment needs a bit of fun and ease of use

avatar noteshi 20 rated:

noteshi posted on October 16, 2019 10:12:02

Will be a bit biased from me as I’m part of the team. So I was introduced to the project at the beginning. The concept, passion and vision that the founder of Note Blockchain - Ethan, was the main selling point, as time has gone by you can now factor in a great team growing behind a really solid community. I am extremely optimistic in the success of this project, both from the hard work that all

avatar mari 15 3 rated:

mari 15 posted on October 16, 2019 09:07:17

NTBC team has doing an amazing job, they are working tirelessly an always has an amazing announcements almost every week. They don’t talk , but they let the work talk to itself . Beside this is the only project I’ve ever heard not doing any ICOs to support an to start . Instead the team took their hard earn savings to start building this amazing Apps, website & so on to get going . They prefer

avatar MuchNtbcMuchWow 3 rated:

MuchNtbcMuchWow posted on October 16, 2019 05:53:04

This team has done a lot from their own pockets and always make sure to look at the communities best interests with honesty and transparency.

The natural growth and growing loyal team members who put in their time and money for a bigger cause then them to change how we see blockchain or how merchants adoption can be approached is fresh and they are a smart team to get things done.

avatar suspect-inch 3 rated:

suspect-inch posted on October 15, 2019 16:08:33

I've been interested in Note from March 2019 when I began mining it with the help from a dev or two & since then its come a long way.

Note itself is extremely easy to send & receive from their excellent mobile & web wallets. Transfer speeds are almost instant & the ability to print Note on paper or send as an image with an embedded QR is unique.

As far as the honesty

avatar JacksCoins 3 rated:

JacksCoins posted on October 15, 2019 17:07:08

Interesting project from the start. It's the missing link for mass adoption and shows how easy crypto can be to use, even for someone without a wallet. Very active and dedicated team working hard to achieve their goals. Top notch!

avatar funkydunky 5 rated:

funkydunky posted on October 03, 2019 09:48:02

Note Blockchain has developed a very good base to succeed, the team is refreshing, very welcoming, and helpful. Really excited for this project and how it develops!

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