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Review Date: January 25, 2020 20:02:39

Came across this project recently although it has been around since 2018. So let’s start by noting that its timing to the market wasn't great, since 2018 saw bare times and a large percentage of projects were weakly thought out or scams. Exosis has held its own during this time and I’m really glad to see progress towards its objectives through 2019 and into 2020. It has a unique design where by virtual masternodes, that don’t require a large investment or a VPS, are run to support the blockchain. The POW algorithm looks to have been forked from time travel 10 to X16R, which is not a bad move as we saw how successful that became with Ravencoin. This makes it ASIC and FPGA susceptible. But that doesn’t matter because the masternodes' POS offers more value in return than the POW aspect, so this in turn wards off large mining farms because it just simply isn’t profitable in relation to the power required to mine it. However this analysis is based on the current price so let’s see what happens! Moving on to the ecosystem, the founders and team have developed exactly what they were supposed to - “an ecosystem” with nodes hosting VMN multi-platform wallets, a DEX exchange and an e-commerce platform. I’d like to see more companies recognizing its potential in 2020 and see the true value of what this project can offer. Buying the coin is easy on a number of very well established exchanges and the transfer speed from exchange to wallet is fast and reliable. I bought my first virtual master node today and for a very low risk $17 dollars - 100 EXO. Would recommend you to check it out!

Verus Coin

Review Date: December 12, 2019 13:36:56

Came across this project only a few weeks ago due to watching a Voskcoin mining review. It’s really good to see enthusiastic members of the community and team showing really good signs of development. The POW algorithm is focused towards CPU friendliness, although there is plenty of interest in GPU / FPGA mining too. The community is very vocal and helpful and the split with 50/50 POW / POS from the wallet (agama) is a really nice touch. Installation of everything I needed to mine, store and stake was seamless due to the help in Discord. The wallet has a nice feature of mining and staking at the same time which I think is a really good benefit to the performance and security of the network. The team behind VRSC seems to come from a very good pedigree of development and technology and I really hope the the project thrives. It’s only a matter of time that you’ll see these types of projects taking over and advancing in the crypto space. Five stars from me.


Review Date: October 16, 2019 15:21:37

My review starts with the team behind the coin and the exchange - Unnamed. All team members I have worked with have been great, very welcoming and responsive to requests. The concept of UTIP is solid and can be applied to many use cases. The exchange Unnamed has a great UI and good performance when trading. Staking of UTIP is a great idea and it works well. Still very infant in the project but I think this will do very well

Callisto Network

Review Date: October 16, 2019 13:42:02

I have great admiration for this project. The niche area of successfully auditing smart contracts is a need, cold staking is a very nice function and great way of long term accumulation and investment. I hope success comes greatly to the team and the project

Binance Coin

Review Date: October 16, 2019 13:40:03

Obviously this is an easy one for me, the largest most successful go to place to trade cryptocurrency, never had any issues in all my time in the crypto space. Binance and the BNB coin will be a success for a long time to come


Review Date: October 16, 2019 13:03:01

Apart from my own this is one of my favourite projects, have followed and invested since 2017 and have also worked with some of their partners like DXC technology but in a different subject. I admire the development team and vision behind IOTA and I truly hope that the M2M technology evolves successfully for them.


Review Date: October 16, 2019 10:12:02

Will be a bit biased from me as I’m part of the team. So I was introduced to the project at the beginning. The concept, passion and vision that the founder of Note Blockchain - Ethan, was the main selling point, as time has gone by you can now factor in a great team growing behind a really solid community. I am extremely optimistic in the success of this project, both from the hard work that all the team has applied and the way that everything in the roadmap is executed with time and care. The future looks bright, the future will be black and yellow !

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