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I'm a very skeptical person but after researching Hex and learning how Hex functions, I am extremely happy that I invested in it so early. It has been audited, is completely finished, and works wonderfully. If you like interest on your investments and like to have complete control over your "finances", this is the coin for you! You can lock up your Hex for as little as one day, to as long as 15 years and gain trustless interest without trusting unknown middlemen to do it for you. Hex has a great community and all involved are very helpful. There are nightly livestreams with Hex updates like the Hexologist on DLive. Being an investor of Bitcoin and a few other altcoin was frustrating to me because I consider myself a Hodler. I would hold and hold, watching price just bounce up and down with very little reward. With Hex, price can go up and down as well but I am rewarded in interest for holding my Hex by staking it for the length of time I choose. Hex also penalizes people who committed to a stake, and then end their stake early. And guess what. Those penalties are then rewarded to the faithful stakers. This coin is a Hodler's DREAM! I highly recommend!

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