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avatar bullish 68

bullish posted on January 05, 2020 16:25:13

FWIW, may not be the best exercise in branding/marketing by explicitly mentioning that they are "pro-Bitcoin BTC", but I do find value in the writing from this group. I personally respect many of these thought leaders even if they may not pass the purity test that many Bitcoiners demand.

I read a few of their articles already - the ones from Balaji, Arrington, and Buterin -


kurtwuckertjr posted on January 05, 2020 16:00:26

If ever there was a group of people with failed ideologies trying to invent thought-leadership in order to stay relevant, this is it!

This group is little more than a list of people who don’t understand people, economics or bitcoin, and that’s why their ideas in the space have unanimously failed to create external economic value. None of their ideas create fundamental that can

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