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Review Date: January 05, 2020 16:00:26

If ever there was a group of people with failed ideologies trying to invent thought-leadership in order to stay relevant, this is it! This group is little more than a list of people who don’t understand people, economics or bitcoin, and that’s why their ideas in the space have unanimously failed to create external economic value. None of their ideas create fundamental that can be used to create greater economic value. Instead, they want to trick people into pumping their chosen bags or enabling their blatantly dishonest and/or unhealthy business models. An absolute disgrace.


Review Date: December 31, 2019 11:03:30

TonicPOW did not make sense to me at first. But I read into it and realized that micropyaments can change the entire face of internet advertising. All that is being done is businesses post an advertising bounty and lock it into a wallet while setting conditions for advertisers to share. If people engage with the links, the people who shared the link get paid in BSV. Very simple, but very intuitive. I have engaged as an advertiser, and I have shared links for profit. It's a very simple tool to use, and the idea of democratizing and distributing advertisement away from centralized hubs (like Google and Facebook) is a game-changer for privacy and creating real business value and changing the market value of an "influencer," at the same time.


Review Date: December 30, 2019 15:47:38

HandCash is the flagship mobile wallet for Bitcoin SV. Rather than forking Copay, or some of the other popular wallets in the BTC or BCH ecosystems, HandCash was built from the ground up as a unique interface relying on non-custodial handles. The public key of all users are obfuscated in the interface, and the use of "Output Bills" in the UTXO model makes for some of the best privacy on any public ledger. The wallet is specifically designed to be the wallet that is simple to use. As such, it does lack some "pro" features, but that's pretty irrelevant since there are so many options out there for such things. Instead, HandCash is just really "discoverable" and snappy to use. You can send money in tons of international fiat denominations. There is messaging built into the app, a really clean address book with avatars and a bunch of other fun, simple features. If you want to try it, comment your handle, and I will ping you a penny! I'm $Kurt. Full disclosure: I was an unpaid beta tester, and I am friends with the developers. Here is a video of the wallet in use: https://twitter.com/kurtwuckertjr/status/1168887520609951747?s=20


Review Date: December 30, 2019 14:07:24

Twetch is the premier social media app built on the BSV blockchain. All of the data and executions within the interface are powered by transactions within a sort of virtual computer running on top of bitcoin, so there is no central point of failure. The interface allows for permanence and time-stamping of tweets, or it can be used stand-alone within its own ecosystem. Many Twetchers just simply interact exclusively on the platform. Aside from creating censorship resistance, there is also monetization of your thoughts! If you can create value with the information that you share, as a user, Twetch can also be extremely profitable as interactions equate to automatic "tips" in BSV. It is $0.02 to post, and then profits from your post are your's to keep! The added benefit is that interactions have a much higher signal-to-noise ratio as trolls need to pay in order to engage. As an aside, the platform isn't perfect, as it is still in beta, but updates roll out on at least a weekly basis, and the founders and developers are very responsive to feedback - adding requested features regularly. It should also be noted that Twetch was originally dreamed up as an Ethereum project, but testing showed that the throughput of Ethereum was far to low to support their necessary transaction volume, which is why they switched over to Bitcoin SV.


Review Date: December 30, 2019 13:13:50

What can I say that hasn't been said before? Bitconnect is the biggest scam MEME in the history of blockchains. It deserves no praise at all from anyone, as it was fundamentally designed to exploit the poor.


Review Date: December 30, 2019 13:12:21

This is a complete scam coin issued by a deliberate scammer and bad actor in the space. After building up community credit as a toxic BTC maximalist, Richard Heart created HEX in a way that should get him brought down for securities fraud eventually. I won't review it further, because there are ZERO redeeming qualities about this project.

Binance Coin

Review Date: December 30, 2019 13:10:02

Everything about Binance is unsavory. CZ has been kicked out of two countries for legal issues, and the platform-issued Binance Token is very problematic both legally and as a centralized unit of control for the Binance eco-system. Of course, it's a shrewd business asset issued by a cunning businessman, but the token is the epitome of a centralized shitcoin designed to empower the issuers to the detriment of most users.

Basic Attention Token

Review Date: December 30, 2019 13:07:40

Basic Attention Token is a great idea that is inextricably linked to another great idea (the Brave Browser.) In a vacuum, I'd argue that BAT/Brave is the singular best idea to come out of the last two years of crypto malaise and the entire ICO bubble. However, blockchains do not operate in a bubble, but rather exist in a world that causes some concerns for a few aspects of the project. My concerns: The BAT token is plausibly an illegal security token. It is issued as a utility token or some kind of monetary asset, both of which cause problems for the issuing company. The fact is, that creating a token in 2017 was the hot thing to do because BTC was broken for micropayments, and Ethereum made issuance very simple. However, upon further examination, there might be legal complications down the road. It might be wise to transition to using a non-Ethereum asset to avoid legal trouble down the road. My praise: Brave browser and the BAT integrations across social media are excellent! The browser is based on Firefox, and is very snappy and clean. The privacy features are top notch and the advertising model is excellent. The user base of the browser is also growing consistently on both desktop and mobile. The team deserves the utmost praise for implementation! There were also some user hiccups with airdrops and sign-up bonuses, but I'm willing to mostly forgive those sorts of things in the longterm.

Pi Network

Review Date: October 29, 2019 08:17:24

Another fake project built on a network marketing model trying to trick people into participating in a Ponzi. I think I signed up to see how they suck you down a sales funnel. It might as well be an MLM selling diet shakes or kitchenware...

Bitcoin Cash

Review Date: October 28, 2019 21:53:20

This was a truly diverse project with competing minds and solid fundamentals from 2017 until 2018. But now it’s run by a French former Facebook developer who spends his days firing people and threatening Roger Ver to hard fork the protocol and sell it to the highest bidder if he doesn’t get his way. Bitcoin Unlimited and some others are tangled up in the mess, too, but Bitcoin ABC and Amaury Sechet are a toxic mess of self righteousness and a lack of understanding about economic consequences to their actions. Little by little, good minds are leaving the project or being kicked out by Amaury himself, and it shows. What a shame!


Review Date: October 28, 2019 21:48:42

Ever wanted the worst parts of fiat to combine with the worst parts of the bitcoin economy? That’s tether. A fractionally back “fake” dollar issued by thieves in order to artificially pump the price of BTC so insiders can launder out “real” dollars in a giant Ponzi scheme that exists between venture capital firms that own Blockstream, Bitfinex, Block One and Tether Corp. This is the real, modern creature from Jekyll Island.


Review Date: October 28, 2019 21:44:20

XLM is just XRP with more centralization and less liquidity. They have the same business vs token confusion and it’s run by a bunch of dropouts from Ripple too. Another redundant, unneeded, generic blockchain project.


Review Date: October 28, 2019 21:41:28

What is there to like about Cardano? It’s a redundant, boring project that brings nothing new except hubris. Peer reviewed audits of all changes? Why? Blockchains aren’t complex from a software standpoint. The things blockchains do are very simple to code. So why is everything taking so long? Because Charles is a scientist and not a businessman. He’s tinkering this thing to death, and can’t deliver anything of value because, as I said before, all of these blockchains are redundant except for the personalities associated with them.


Review Date: October 28, 2019 21:38:18

A broken chain governed by a shifty company run by a blatant scammer. TRX is all flash and no substance. It’s redundant and bland except for the criminally narcissistic behavior of Justin Sun.


Review Date: October 28, 2019 21:36:53

I honestly can’t decide if I hate this project more because of the smart people involved or the army of idiots... The good: it’s the asset used to transact on the various platforms created by a world class FinTech corporation. They have some of the greatest developers and a great business model. They also have lots of functional products and an intriguing niche of managed services. However, the XRP token isn’t needed for anything in their ecosystem, and many buyers think it’s a de facto stock in Ripple, which it isn’t, and Ripple keeps selling off XRP tokens and crapping on the people who think they are share holders. The whole thing makes me cringe.


Review Date: October 28, 2019 21:32:34

An over-planned and poorly implemented state machine managed by a cartel exploiting the broken governance model of DPoS. Dan Larimer thinks that his theories will always work better than things that already work in reality, and it shows. No wonder Satoshi had no time to explain bitcoin to him.


Review Date: October 28, 2019 21:29:56

Is Digibyte the greatest project in the world? I don’t think so, but it is a thoughtfully developed and creatively implemented blockchain project. Most blockchains are blatant scam projects, but DGB was born out of the scaling debate when we all thought bitcoin was dead. DGB brought lots of new ideas to the space and created a truly unique and functional blockchain that sets a superlative example in many regards. Multialgo mining, variable difficulty adjustment and pushing the limits of block time... Digibyte blazed a path. For that, it deserves credit as a project worth noting.


Review Date: October 28, 2019 21:23:35

Dash gets criticized for some of the shady stuff about the founding “instamine.” I used to be in that camp, but I have changed my tune. Dash is actually a well developed, thoughtfully executed project that rose out of the bitcoin scaling war. Back when people thought Satoshi’s vision was dead because of bad actors and bad governance, Dash created a hard fork with a lot of unique characteristics, including its self-funding and self-governance model. Giving credit where it’s due, if the project was a scam, as it seemed like it might be early on, it would have happened already. In reality, Dash really has blazed a trail, and it shows in the nature of its adoption in exploited economies. Now, I don’t think Dash is perfect. The masternode governance system has its own unique attack vectors, and it may have its own scaling issues as well as well as missed deadlines for upgrades and some bumps in the road, but Dash deserves credit. It is a serious project with serious people working on unique ideas, and that’s a rarity in a space full of broken promises and blatant scammers.

Ethereum Classic

Review Date: October 27, 2019 22:24:27

Ethereum Classic is the real, unbroken consensus of Ethereum. Even though Ethereum itself isn’t a scalable concept, I respect the ETC devs and miners for building an ecosystem with balls and principles! It’s more than can be said for almost any other project out there.


Review Date: October 27, 2019 22:22:33

In a basic sense, Ethereum is a distributed state machine, which is cool enough, but it can’t scale because it needs all states to settle on all nodes in order, so has limits stop Ethereum from doing anything over 15 tx/sec which is nowhere near enough for a “world computer.” The funny thing is that we now know that Vitalik and Lubin knew Ethereum couldn’t scale, but they lied and said that it could so people would buy ETH that they would use to pay to bootstrap Ethereum 2.0, which is about 18 months behind schedule now, by the way. Add in all the bugs, the developer centralization, the hostility toward miners and Ethereum is little more than a platform used almost entirely by exit scammers who created fake, illegal securities and dumped them on unsuspecting consumers who didn’t understand what they were buying. Ethereum will likely go down in history as one of the biggest scams in history.


Review Date: October 27, 2019 21:59:01

What can I say? The most disappointing project in crypto. Nobody cares about anything except the price anyways, and the developers get credit for being amazing even though their credentials outside of bitcoin are mediocre at best. At 3-7 transactions per second and a halving of the subsidy around corner, BTC either needs exponential growth in users that it cannot service OR it needs exponential growth in transaction fees that it cannot sustain because of the arbitrary limits. Meanwhile, it’s been taken over by communist propaganda of the UASF “Raspberry Revolution” whereby a bunch of no-hash nodes govern the hashing nodes, even though with all of their eyes on the network, they couldn’t stop a consensus change with their home nodes anyways. But they play the role of the proletariat seizing the means of production from the industrial class anyways. While HODLbros beg for bankers to pour fiat into BTC, it loses more and more utility, but at least your Nokia phone can run a node for a chain that half the planet will never be able to afford to use! What a joke!


Review Date: October 28, 2019 10:49:00

Charlie Lee recently admitted that nobody develops the project because nobody cares. The LTC foundation has been broke for months, and they all lied to everyone blatantly about Litepay. Let’s not forget Charlie basically started the Bear market by creating a giant bearish engulfing candle with his massive sell order. On top of that, Litecoin was a low hash, low transaction volume blockchain for years until Charlie got a job at Coinbase, for his irrelevant project listed, then quit that job to “work on Litecoin,” then proceeded to very specifically NOT work on Litecoin. It’s a giant scam project run by a giant scammer.

Bitcoin SV

Review Date: February 07, 2019 18:35:04

To understand Bitcoin SV requires a deep understanding of consensus networks and bitcoin as a protocol. The facts: - BSV shares Satoshi Nakamoto's Genesis and the entire UTXO set in compliance with the bitcoin rule set. Meanwhile, BTC has endured an economics change and a governance change since 2017. - If bitcoin is to be sound money, it cannot be changed without a consensus of distributed hash. BSV adheres to this whole BTC does not. - BTC and BCH were separated by consensus of that distributed hash creating two chain tips of the same network that BOTH operate outside of consensus. Therefore either both are bitcoin, or neither are, if you understand that there can only be one chain with the genesis block and competing hash. - BSV split off of BCH in order to make its way back to the 0.1 rule set in order to return to the status of sound money that can be trusted never to change. - By the rules of distributed consensus set out in the white paper, there are 3 versions of bitcoin currently out of consensus. In order to "win," miners must either orphan or reorganize 2 versions into the main bitcoin blockchain. Until that point, all 3 are technically valid *and* invalid. BSV is currently mined by ViaBTC, BTCdotCom, CoinGeek, Squire, BMG, SVPool, Poolin, MemPool, Dpool, ProHashing, Dutch Mining and a number of smaller miners. Mining statistics will be updated here: https://sv.coin.dance/blocks For people worried about Craig Wright being or not being Satoshi Nakamoto, first of all, it doesn’t really matter if he is or isn’t. He’s just one guy at one company in the BSV economy, but before you write him off, consider the fact that he was outed by various sources against his will to his own personal detriment. Here's some evidence of being Satoshi: Email to Julian Assange in 1996 showing his membership in the Cypherpunk Mailing List: http://cypherpunks.venona.com/date/1996/09/msg01513.html Ian Griggs explaining the extortion of CSW for being Satoshi before the BBC broke the story: https://twitter.com/iang_fc/status/674722847160422400 Gavin Andresen's experience explaining how CSW proved that is Satoshi. Gavin Wright was handed the bitcoin project when Satoshi went into hiding: http://gavinandresen.ninja/satoshi Jon Matonis' proof of Satoshi: https://medium.com/@jonmatonis/how-i-met-satoshi-96e85727dc5a JVP explanation of meeting Satoshi: https://twitter.com/haq4good/status/727846103522017280 CSW signing with the Satoshi keys: https://youtu.be/5DCAC1j2HTY Another thing to consider is that outside of the development done by nChain’s teams run by Steve Shadders and Daniel Connelly, there’s big development work being done by miners like Mempool and CoinGeek and independent businesses like Moneybutton, Handcash, CentBee, Unwriter and more. Then there’s the third party businesses that are building atop the protocol to consider! Twetch, Preev, UptimeSV, Legally Chained, WeatherSV and all of the companies building apps to utilize the BSV blockchain. There’s so much action happening here.

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