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Crypto market data as well as developer activity, community growth, and other useful metrics   

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avatar cadawg 46

cadawg posted on January 27, 2020 12:32:03

I use CoinGecko often, as it allows me to switch between currencies easily, which is useful and not so readily-available on other similar websites. Also, they support projects that I am interested in, which I think is really cool!


alex-alexander posted on January 25, 2020 02:58:14

This is a convenient service - I have been using it for several years. It allows you to view the trading schedule, volume, exchanges where the coin is traded, and other useful links. You can also view the price in different currencies. I like it more than CMC.

avatar cryptomole 2782

cryptomole posted on January 15, 2020 12:44:33

CoinGecko is one of my go-to's for crypto-related data. It not only covers price aspects of cryptoassets (such as market caps, trading volumes, ATHs prices) but it also offers developer & community stats, links to block explorers, wallets, community websites, source code, price converters (to/from a fiat currency of your choice) and comparison with similar coins (also with whichever one you wa


factatom posted on January 12, 2020 16:11:55

CoinGecko does not only show you the market cap for coins, it is also an updated crypto price calculator for most cryptocurrencies (which is not always offered by Google, when you search for a project's current price). They also feature and list new and upcoming projects, which is why I consider it an all around utility platform.

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