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Review Date: August 20, 2020 04:59:00

Velas is "Innovation". In order to produce better products for the betterment of our current situation or society, we need to cope with the changes we need and take proprietary actions. For the better version of ourselves and our community. I could sense what Velas is trying to do here, and it is to cater the needs of increasing demand for Blockchain Tech and by integrating with Artificial Intelligence, now, they could solve problems that occur in our current network, it is breaking boundaries. You need to check this project out because this might be the next Big Thing!

Morpheus Infrastructure Token

Review Date: June 11, 2020 07:06:16

They have a working product, the BPaaS. It is intended for industry use to help companies build an easier way to execute smart contracts using different toolkits. Easier for developers because of their Blockchain Library, including NEO, ETH, and other network toolkits so it's no hassle to integrate from traditional business into blockchain tech.


Review Date: March 02, 2020 01:47:46

This forum is a CLASSIC. Classic in terms of knowledge where someone can really dig in if he/she is interested in crypto. A vault of wisdom from different people who are the pioneers of bitcoin (including Satoshi Nakamoto), blockchain tech and other profound ideas - name it, you have it. Though, being a forum, this site is not much for entertainment and you might bore yourself to death if you lack some general interest in the subject matter. There are also a lot of giveaways posted in here from new crypto projects. Also, it is the most legit site to earn bitcoin in terms of services or marketing, just don't spam, ever, ever, ever. Check out the site, it's fun and informative.


Review Date: January 12, 2020 16:11:55

CoinGecko does not only show you the market cap for coins, it is also an updated crypto price calculator for most cryptocurrencies (which is not always offered by Google, when you search for a project's current price). They also feature and list new and upcoming projects, which is why I consider it an all around utility platform.

Crypto Jobs List

Review Date: January 12, 2020 16:12:25

Great and legit jobs are listed but the competition here is stiff and most job postings really require decorated resumes. Great user interface so if you are looking for side hustles and getting paid by cryptocurrencies, you must bookmark this site on your browser.


Review Date: January 08, 2020 21:00:00

This is the Philippines' most reliable PHP-crypto exchange with a good overall user rating. It also happens to have an e-commerce component which crypto enthusiasts can use to maximize their profits. Coins.ph is the window for Filipinos to the world of cryptocurrency.

Brave Rewards

Review Date: January 12, 2020 16:14:29

It's a great browser, even better on Google Chrome, and it is blockchain-powered. But if you are just using this for lightweight, user-friendly browsing, then maybe this is not the right browser for you. Brave rewards system is limited and only available in a few countries currently, my country is not included (but I won't disclose my personal info here, LOL)


Review Date: January 08, 2020 01:41:38

Quite overrated for me. As a platform for technical analysis and ideas, TradingView to me, is quite expensive and not that beginner-friendly. Specifically, they charge certain fees when you are using scripts/indicators which require a subscription. It is a complete tool for intermediate and expert traders but not that friendly for those traders who are beginners and want to practice.

Tachyon Protocol

Review Date: January 07, 2020 00:23:35

This project is changing how the internet operates and how we interact with it - specifically improving the ancient protocol TCP/IP. Tachyon is set to create a new protocol of their own, a product born by years of research and development and made possible with the use of blockchain. Check my Medium article to get a piece of information about Tachyon: https://medium.com/@aervinaervin/tachyon-protocol-innovating-the-internet-ac23699c1390


Review Date: January 03, 2020 20:05:04

As every people wants to travel, the need for specialized platform for them is on demand. Though bmy.guide is still under development, I could say that they serve a great potential and huge target market. Whitepaper is great and I couldn't see any red flags so let's see on how they could execute in the future after the launch.

Netbox Global

Review Date: December 28, 2019 02:20:38

If I were to rate and review Netbox Global, I would say that they have a great working product, which is their Browser of course. Their roadmap is laid out clearly in their whitepaper so we can always expect progress in their ecosystem. About the team - I honestly don't know them that well, but they do play a vital role for future developments and will lead the project to wherever it will go. Netbox Browser is way better than Brave in terms of earning potential. If you are looking to earn real time using a blockchain-based browser, Netbox is the best choice. Just pay extra attention to your computer's processing load bc Netbox Browser acts as a node and a wallet at the same time so you might experience lagging when starting and using the app.


Review Date: November 20, 2019 01:59:39

This was an IEO that was launched on Binance Launchpad. To me, this project seemed fundamentally sound and it did perform great in terms of its initial price action. Harmony is here to address future problems in terms of TPS, which is a good idea because if we are to anticipate mass adoption, we need to prepare for that in advance and Harmony is here to aid that process. I still see this project as having great potential, regarding its use cases and also its potential investment gains. Still, invest at your own risk as this should not serve as a financial advice. If you wish to know a little more about Harmony, you could read my blog post for a brief summary of the project: https://medium.com/@aervinaervin/harmony-10million-transactions-per-second-e8161b7b7f61

Project Shivom

Review Date: November 20, 2019 01:22:08

Quick review, Shivom is building the largest genomic and health data hub on the blockchain. This would help us in terms of medical attention initially, but as time goes by, this promising project continues to extend deadlines and has not been able to meet the community's expectations. Though they are still continuing to develop slowly, I think they could still fulfill what they originally promised. If you could still find this project valuable and worthy of your time, you might take a look on my previous blog review about this project and find out more of $OMX. Other than that, if you are not a user, I would say that investing in this project requires tough research so that you can properly manage your risks. Here is the link of my review: https://steemit.com/shivom/@aervin11/shivom-healthier-world

Karatgold coin

Review Date: November 20, 2019 01:18:07

Though I didn't invest in this project, I did keep an eye on this one. During its ICO it massively acquired a pile of cash because of its false promises such as secure and fixed gains, backed by gold (which is not very likely since they shop using the people's money). The problem with cryptocurrency is people are jumping into sweet words that promise an easy reward for their investments. Right now, $KBC is ordered by Germany’s Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) to cease its operation and delist its coin on whatever exchanges it is listed. Source here: https://www.coindesk.com/german-regulator-orders-karatgold-coin-issuer-to-cease-operations Take a look before buying $KBC, you might jump into a cliff if you do so. This one is an absolute red flag for me!

DataBroker DAO

Review Date: November 20, 2019 01:16:37

I'm not a fan of IOT projects (Internet of Things) but $DTX is still noteworthy as this project is continuing to progress even though it had suffered along with other projects in this bear market. Many other projects closed their doors while $DTX remained resilient. If you weren't aware, $DTX is a platform where participants can sell and buy data. Normal participants include entities from the following industries: Information and Entertainment, Banking and Securities, Environmental agencies, Energy, Academia, etc. Though this project is not a new one, it is still continuing to develop to meet their goals. What bothers me the most is their target customer, which slows their growth imo, since their prospective customers are not viewing this platform as a "data source" and they might find it a little bit complicated to use compared to a site like Google.


Review Date: November 20, 2019 01:12:48

Disclaimer: I'm a token holder, my opinions and views should not be taken as a financial advice, invest at your own risk. LoyalCoin originated in the Philippines, which is my hometown, and as a cryptocurrency, I am biased because this is the first one to be developed that has a real use case - which is to redeem and spend loyalty points. As time passes, a difficulty I have noticed is the fact that Filipino regulations slows the growth of this project even though the team is working hard. Speaking about the team, they are experienced in the loyalty rewards business, having previously built Appsolutely. Though they are not new to this business, creating a cryptocurrency and integrating blockchain are still difficult challenges. Good thing they have a great tech team that is supervised by great advisors from NEO and other established crypto projects. Overall, I would say that this coin is great, but I give the ratings based on it's future potential as well as their current progress.


Review Date: November 19, 2019 22:17:54

Overall, $VEIL I could say is a great project with a great potential of growth. Speaking first about it's team, it is led by the founder of $PIVX James Burden, another privacy coin which belongs on the top 300 market cap. It is said that $VEIL is born to solve all privacy problems most privacy coins already have and to bring the most potential most of the coins could offer. Veil is a hybrid PoS/PoW privacy coin which mean it keeps the network secure, a better opportunity for profit generation since you have a vast choices on how you could earn more coins. And aside from it's hybrid consensus algorithm, being a privacy coin makes it more sophisticated which fits for privacy coin enthusiasts, it's also a mixture of RingCT protocol from Monero and Zerocoin Protocol from ZCash, it's a bit complicated but you could dive on my review for a brief introduction about it's technology and other things that makes $VEIL a great privacy coin that just need a little more exposure. https://medium.com/@aervinaervin/veil-project-introduction-what-you-need-to-know-ed746aa1381


Review Date: September 30, 2019 21:34:00

Excerpt: "Using the blockchain to store immutable data, Tokoin’s platform would create a trust system between Merchants, Loan Providers, Suppliers, Service Providers and Advertisers. Tokoin’s goal is achievable, they only aim to store Merchant data and let their business information and transactions to do the talking. With all of that being said, Tokoin is a user centric, B2B platform that would be used by most MSME merchants at the current time whether they have blockchain knowledge or not." Read my article here to learn more about my insights about this project. https://medium.com/@aervinaervin/tokoin-creating-exposure-for-msmes-cbc5c90ec456


Review Date: September 30, 2019 21:49:05

Top gainers of all the privacy coins in 2019, continuous development, not an ICO, ASIC-resistant meaning everybody can mine without competing with huge bitcoin miners giving normies a chance to help keep the network secure - it's such a good coin to hold. Though the team is unknown for unknown reasons, I hope all the success for $GRIN. NOT A FINANCIAL ADVICE THOUGH!

Hedera Hashgraph

Review Date: September 30, 2019 21:50:46

I could see $HBAR has a real good team, which makes it a good project. It is true that it could handle a lot of transactions per minute (allegedly 10k) without burning too much electricity or staking coins (lot's of it). Cons are: it is a centralized coin, it appears to concentrate more on the environmental side, but lacks the true purpose of blockchain, which is to bring power to the people. Though this coin is not pure evil, still I am not recommending this coz this is such an affront for the ethos of crypto/blockchain. 4 stars for the team but 2 stars on each Info and track record.

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