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I have three areas that I focus on as my core competencies. 1. Business structure and dynamic systems. 2. Computer Science and mathematical design. 3. Biotechnology. A person is limited to what they spend their time doing. So I decided that my main focus is going to be in business and science. I have a degree in Business as well as Biotechnology but I don't think degrees matter all that much anymore. It is more about your creative energy.

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Review Date: February 13, 2019 12:38:19

The only reason that I rate this project as slightly shady is because Neblio has very poor token economics. That said the team is a very talented one. They actually bought into the project with their own funds. This is a demonstration of dedication to the project. Unfortunately the token economics of Neblio lead to a natural result of price decline. The reason for this is simple. They have a 10% staking mechanism for staking the tokens. If most users withdrew their tokens from exchanges this would not be an issue. But what is happening instead is that exchanges are staking exchange NEBL and selling it to the market creating a demonstrable inflationary effect. This creates constant sell pressure on the exchanges. If nothing is changed about this I do not believe this project will ever rise substantially in price. That being said, I hope the team are successful at getting Neblio to be used and to add value to the world. They seem to be honest and great people.


Review Date: February 12, 2019 18:13:29

Telos is a fork of the EOS chain. Currently as of February 2019 it has a market cap of only 30 million dollars. I am extremely excited about this project from a development point of view. I am working on developing my own applications that will run on this project. So why would I be so bullish on this project? 1. DpOS is the future of blockchain, I get this understanding of my extensive research into complex dynamic systems. 2. Telos Block producers take a more strict approach to BP production than the EOS chain. They actively kick participants that do not behave in the benefit of the network.This includes BP's that are not producing blocks. 3. Fair distribution model at token issuance. Most tokens issued by other projects are owned by a few whale accounts. TLOS is a truly community coin as accounts larger than 40,000 EOS at genesis where cut from having excessive supplies. This means that TLOS has a massive upside potential. 4. The telos community understands the wide reaching implications that blockchain will have on governance structures in the future. This means that arbitration procedures and guidelines are developed further on this project than EOS. 5. Proprietary rights are granted on this platform. This allows for commercial interests to invest capital in proprietary technologies on TLOS. At 1/100th the price of EOS, TLOS is an absolute steal. Keep a lookout for my application when it launches. I am building trading bots that you will be able to rent! Full disclosure of how they work will be released when I announce this. (I have not come up for a name of them yet but it will be fun like a game) If you would like to buy TLOS please use my referral link: https://www.chainrift.com/?R=cA8N6


Review Date: February 12, 2019 18:01:30

Pyramid scheme. Bitconnect is our beloved meme generator of the year 2017 when cryptocurrancy was full of lambo boys declaring that one day we would all be landing on the moon. Do your homework people.


Review Date: February 12, 2019 17:57:31

Nothing more than a centralized datasheet. Ripple uses only accepted validators for its network and this is equivalent to the current banking system where those who validate the network are hand selected based on their relationship to the initial distributor. In addition to this over 60% of tokens are held in one account. At some point in the future I have a feeling that people who invest in this because of its low token price are going to get burned. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. This project may pump in the short term but I see little to no use in the long run. In addition to this XRP is likely to be found as a security meaning it has extensive liabilities that may be ahead in the future regarding its regulation.


Review Date: February 12, 2019 17:50:17

This project has an open sourced application that can be found in GitHub. In its humble beginnings Upfiring started with a fully anonymous team. However the team has since come out because they plan to commit to the project long term. This project with token UFR is worth 3 million dollars in total right now where its only competitor is BTT with a market cap of one billion dollars. If UFR reaches the same level as BTT this would mean 30000% return potential for investors. Is this possible? It depends on how the token model functionalities are improved into the future. Right now the token is only used as the main currency on the platform. I would like to see the token be used for dividends and voting rights for it to be truly optimized. I would consider this project a strong buy considering how small it is and how much it has accomplished to this point.


Review Date: February 08, 2019 19:21:53

There are many 3rd party reviews of the code base of Tron and from what I can gather is this project is a money grab that is more about marketing than value creation. Overpromises, lies and shady business deals surround this project. Often where there is smoke there is fire.


Review Date: February 08, 2019 19:19:17

With only 8 percent of the supply released to investors I suspect this project was solely created to bring in more money to projects that are running short on funding in the difficult times experienced by the crypto space. Binance and Tron are working together to promote this project to increase their bottom line. The distribution dynamics of this project are designed to subtract value from the investor community and those who are not informed will lose in the medium to long term.


Review Date: February 08, 2019 19:13:58

I am a C++ developer who left my job in the Biotech industry to develop full time on EOS. The EOS ecosystem is likely to be a prominent player in the future of cryptographic shared data structures. Key Aspects: 1. EOS takes governance into consideration in securing the base layer of the protocol. This human element is seen as a weakness to some but to me and my study of complex dynamic systems I see it as an advantage. The human element is often overlooked in those who are STEM enlighten individuals but as my professional experience increases I have learned that humans are the reason difficult things happen. 2. More focused development than fully decentralized systems. I suggest people who come into the cryptocurrency space do studies of complexity. In short, too many nodes equals shortfalls of decision making where too centralized leads to single points of failure. The key point is to find the mathematical optima.

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