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Ethereum Name Service

Review Date: March 08, 2020 13:50:14

ENS makes it easier to manage your Ethereum addresses because now instead of some long string of random characters, you can have a human-readable address. So you can tell someone to send you ETH to yourname.eth instead of the 0xABCDEF123456.... You can also do subdomains, so for example, you can do alice.mywallet.eth if you own the mywallet.eth domain name. I first started using these in 2017 but back then the UI/UX was horrible in terms of registering a .ETH name (through the 3 day auction system). Now the whole process is much more improved, 2.5 years later. And many wallets these days support these types of Ethereum address names, so it's much easier to use. One concern though is if you care about privacy, then don't name it firstname.lastname.eth lol. Because you'll effectively be "doxxed".


Review Date: March 01, 2020 00:43:31

Really old school forum where even Satoshi used to frequent and chat about all things Bitcoin. The look & feel is super old fashioned but I guess that's ok since it has served its purpose for a super long time. One thing I don't like is that there are way too many child boards imho. Makes some things hard to find, especially if I'm trying to find out where to post about a particular project/product. But overall though, it is still the most famous / most visited forum in the whole Bitcoin space, so the traffic/community there is still super valuable for projects to try to reach.


Review Date: February 29, 2020 12:33:23

Blockgeeks is all about education and I love that. Their articles/guides are top notch. You can tell they spent a lot of time researching those topics and distilling it for their readers. They also have courses and other products that I can't speak to. But as a general media entity in the crypto/blockchain space, I think they are a positive contributor.


Review Date: January 14, 2020 01:15:37

Amazing crypto tax calculator tool. I've used it for 2 years now and they've improved it each time. Their support team is always there to chat and help me when I have issues that I need to dive into. They provide advice and even create some spreadsheet printouts sometime for me so I can investigate better. I highly recommend TokenTax to anyone who trades a lot and needs to figure out their gains/losses for tax purposes. It is a little pricey, but imho WORTH IT!


Review Date: January 10, 2020 23:50:58

Decent news site to get the latest crypto/blockchain news. Not as biased as CoinDesk in my view. Site is clean and easy to navigate. Their articles are mostly short and cursory - definitely don't come here for deeper analysis and deep dives. But it does what I went there to do - get a quick look at all the latest happenings in this space, that's why I like it and I return fairly often.


Review Date: January 10, 2020 23:39:25

Pretty good wallet for Ethereum. It's come a long way since it's early days where it looked bad and was semi-confusing. Now it looks way cleaner and has new features that make my life easier like address book. It connects to your Chrome browser as an extension but I still get nervous sometimes so I usually disable the extension until right before I need to use it. Still I think this is a good way to get started with using Ethereum on various websites that accept/utilize ETH. Just don't use it to hold large amounts of ETH and you should be gucci.


Review Date: January 14, 2020 16:40:36

LBRY is pretty good as a decentralized competitor to YouTube. Their website looks clean although I prefer YouTube's layout more where I can straight up dive into interesting content immediately even if I'm not logged in and it's not personalized. I definitely think they have potential, they just have to get more creators on and get more volume of interesting videos. I tried their YouTube transfer process and it was easy even though it initially hit a snag. But their team was quick to help fix it and then it completed relatively quickly.


Review Date: January 10, 2020 23:46:57

Gorgeous and simple heat map way of visualizing the crypto markets. Instead of building a CoinMarketCap clone like many other competitors did (and flopped), these guys took a different approach and made a whole new style of visualization (which I like). I've seen many content creators use this eye-catching site to touch on how the crypto markets performed in the past day. I'm a fan, and I come back sometimes to get a screenshot to post on Twitter or Facebook.

MCO Visa Card

Review Date: January 10, 2020 23:49:09

I got the 2nd tier which requires 500 MCO to stake. But I think it's worth it because I can unstake it and get it back after 6 months. But also it gives me airport lounge access, and some other neat perks. Their app is super simple to use and navigate. Can send crypto there, top up my card, convert to other crypto like USDM/USDC stable coins in times of volatility, etc. I haven't tried their more advanced financial products like Earn/Lend but I don't think I need to or want to. Their basic functions are all I need. Now I can actually say I SPEND some of my coins instead of just being a holder forever. #adoption

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