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Ethereum wallet and Dapp browser as a browser extension  

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Wrinkle22 posted on February 04, 2020 12:16:13

My only complaint is that before I started, I didn't understand that I would need gas to send the coins I had in the MetaMask wallet. So until you get some gas, any coins that are in your MetaMask wallet are stuck there.


Zerocrane posted on February 01, 2020 08:41:16

I have no qualms about MetaMask as a dapp wallet for Ethereum. It's very easy to create a wallet from scratch. Layout and interface is clean and simple. Works on all the browsers I use. MetaMask is also one of the most widely used dapp wallets around which is already an automatic advantage because no matter what dapp I go to, they will always connect with MetaMask.


realelonmusk posted on January 10, 2020 23:39:25

Pretty good wallet for Ethereum. It's come a long way since it's early days where it looked bad and was semi-confusing. Now it looks way cleaner and has new features that make my life easier like address book. It connects to your Chrome browser as an extension but I still get nervous sometimes so I usually disable the extension until right before I need to use it. Still I think this is a g

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