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Review Date: September 25, 2020 13:42:29

I have been using the price aggregator only since a couple of months ago, since I had enough of the crappy data quality of CMC (which has become useless and risky to trust). The Coinranking website is simplistic (good for mobile) and loads fast, so I occasionally use it for rapidly checking the prices (for more involved data analysis I go to The data, from what I saw so far, is reliable. In particular, they cover a wide array of exchanges. One can search exchanges for trading pairs, which can be useful sometimes. They have sublists for DeFi projects and new additions. An interesting feature is the price list of NFTs. I like it that they notably keep introducing new features and building on new ideas. Recently I contacted their telegram group for support on an issue and was surprised at how helpful and professional their community manager is. Everything was resolved rapidly. If the entire team is like that, I'm sure they will grow big.


Review Date: September 10, 2020 12:40:33

This is a token sold by the TagZ exchange, which also holds almost all the supply. I don't know much about what the purpose of this coin is, but it is pretty surely a scam, because TagZ is a known scam exchange. I talked with at least two persons whose money was stolen from TagZ this year. They lure in customers and then block all withdrawals. They have a fake customer support that uses diversions upon any queries and after a few queries just block the customer's account.


Review Date: September 10, 2020 12:10:33

I discovered Nomics recently, but immediately found it is the best crypto data aggregator out there by far. It doesn't gatekeep coins and report fake volumes like Coinmarketcap (which is totally unreliable anyway). Very user friendly website and generally good experience. Today, I read the report of CEX fakery in crypto and it was interesting that the research came to the same conclusion as I intuitively did: "Nomics was found to have the highest quality data ratings out of the top data sites and CMC the lowest." From So, I think it deserves this 5 stars review.


Review Date: August 27, 2020 04:29:16

I'm very disappointed at what became of CMC. The way they reported obvious fake volume for years, promote scam exchanges (e.g., TagZ), even label them with high confidence, gatekeep dozens of coins on page 3 that they arbitrarily perceive as a threat to the exchanges or BTC dominance (e.g., HEX, WBTC, MWC... though they also gatekeep some fake coins as well). Now that Binance aquired CMC we see this collusion going on, where certain fake DeFi (aka CeFi) tokens that are supported by Binance get immediate tracking on CMC while their competitors are simply kept out or gatekept to the 3rd page. I think that this collusion of interest will cause the migration of users to better price aggregators, such as Coinpaprika, Nomics, or others that don't play such games.


Review Date: August 27, 2020 03:52:45

Good wallet to interact with smart contract frontends. Possibly the best one, but honestly don't have much experience with other ethereum wallets. I have experience with Metamask extension on Brave browser on Linux mint and the Standalone Metamask app on Android. It is a bit clunky in some regards. The UI could be a bit less confusing, but once you get used to it, it's fine. The transaction management (fee estimation, cancelation, speed up, oldest pending tx, etc.) should be improved in future versions. For example, the wallet requires occasional "reset", but after this reset pending transactions remain pending, but there is no access to them in the tx history. I guess such things will improve with upgrades. The drawback is the gatekeeping the Metamask team likes to do. I don't get it why they do such nasty stuff, as one would expect wallet developers to stay out of tribalism. They arbitrarily chose which coins they will add, or not, to the search list of tokens and their logos.

Uniswap Exchange

Review Date: August 27, 2020 03:18:49

I used Uniswap a lot in the last 7 months, mostly for the HEX/ETH pair on Uniswap v1, later also on v2, and I was initially totally fascinated by the mechanism by which it works. It's probably the most innovative development in exchange tech. The concept of liquidity providers being the market makers trough liquidity pools is just genius. It makes centralized exchanges obsolete for most of crypto pairs, as Uniswap fully supports the ERC-20 standard. It is definitely the best DEX out there, but I think there will be many new smart contract run DEXes based on the same tech being built in the future (such as Mooniswap). The Uniswap v1 smart contract is totally trustless and censorhip resistant. It takes no custody of coins. Has no admin keys, so it is part of real DeFi! Unstopable. The bad stuff about Uniswap are all related to the official frontend. I don't like the defoult 15 min time out. Too low for periods of network congestion. Should be at least 60 min. I don't like the gatekeeping practices of the Uniswap team. They refuse to add coins they don't like to the dropdown menu, which is totaly against the spirit of crypto. They also actively censored liquidity and volume data about gatekeept coins in their public announcements and reports. That was nasty - we have enough of this tribalism. Also, fee efficiency could be better. Network fees become a huge problem in last months and better efficiency would have helped.


Review Date: August 23, 2020 09:44:20

HEX is a smart contract that does exactly what I was missing mostly in crypto: a trustless interest bearing instrument based on locking coins (or staking as it is called in crypto). Its use case is nominally that of "blockchain certificate of deposit", but in reality it is much more and much better than a boring bank product we all know. The contract works flawlessly and the game theory that provides interest is geniusly designed. I just love the mechanism of hex shares, which I suggest you should learn about before creating a staking ladder. The code is immutable, without admin keys, and underwent multiple audits before deployment (especially the financial audit was an interesting read). It launched completed, so no ICO promises, no exit scams, no "partnerships", no shiny object delusions, just the product ready for use. And unlike most other crypto, this one has a use case that people in real world actually use and is in trillions $ market demand. Beware of scammers that try to fud people from using HEX - make sure you do your own research instead (see code and audits!). HEX made all the bagholding scum of crypto crawl out of the woodwork. Shares explained: About hex in general:

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